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Partnering with Local Governments to Deliver Data-Driven Innovation 

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We work with local governments to level up their organizations for a data-driven world. That means helping them understand their current data capacities, plan where they want to go, and get the most out of their data.



As a management consultancy we work with city leadership on thinking strategically about data and setting direction. By proactively and holistically building data capacities, we help ensure that advancements in data deliver value to the entire organization. 


Example Services

Local governments find themselves at different stages on their journeys to data maturity. CitySmarts can help at any point in this process, from the first forays into data’s potential to the final touches on an advanced analytics team. 


Plan the Route to Data-Driven

  • Best fit: a local government that is new to thinking about data and innovation but is committed to improving, with an organization-wide focus 


These services help you strategize around data and ensure your ongoing strategic planning efforts integrate data as a key consideration.

+ Data Maturity Assessments

Get a holistic view of your organization’s overall data maturity including people, systems, information management, and culture.

+ Guiding Document Data Integration

Developing or refreshing a Community Plan, Annual Report, or Digital Strategy? Bring us in to ensure it’s a forward-thinking plan with data considerations included.

+ Needs Identification

Get help identifying the most pressing areas of improvement for data and key linkages to other organization-wide initiatives.

+ Data Strategy Development

For cities that are looking to embrace data as a core direction – build a plan for what you want to accomplish with data and the changes required to get you there.


Upgrade Your Capacities 

  • Best fit: a local government that has a solid base of organizational data abilities and is looking to upgrade their capacities for future work 


These services level up your organization’s ongoing abilities to deliver data-based insight.

+ Analytics Team Development

Investing in an analytics team isn’t enough – the best teams fail without a firm focus on the outcomes to achieve. Add our insight on successful analytics teams to ensure your team exceeds expectations.

+ Organizational Planning and HR Advising

To fully transform your local government, data needs to be an organization-wide commitment. Our advising on organizational planning helps identify gaps, barriers, and opportunities for growing data capacities.

+ Analytics Procurement Partner

Local governments regularly engage with consultants or software providers for data-related matters – get an additional resource on your side for making sure you make the best decision and integrate it properly into your ongoing processes.

+ Data-Based Training

Ensure your staff are familiar with what they need to know about your data-driven initiatives with remotely-delivered training on core concepts and key tactics.


Put Data Into Action 

  • Best fit: a local government that has a strong base of data to work with and is looking to refine and improve how they derive insight from it to benefit their residents.


Supercharge your service delivery and decision making by empowering them with data.

+ Performance Management with Data

Managers know the best performance management initiatives are toothless without metrics to accompany them. Ensure your performance management plans take advantage of and inform data throughout your organization.

+ Data-Driven Decision Making Integration

Find new and better ways to integrate data into high-level decision making, be it at Executive, Council, or budgeting meetings.

+ Data Project Development

Data projects are where investments in data capacities provide their ROI. Gain a key advisor on data projects, from smart city projects to internal database development.

+ Data Project Evaluations

For cites with existing data projects, ensure past learnings equal future success with data project evaluations.


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Committed to data-driven? 


  • Your ongoing partner on the journey to innovation 


For many small and medium-sized local governments, employing a Chief Data Officer may not be the best fit. Access our expertise on an ongoing basis for a fraction of the cost of a full-time CDO.



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